School Fees

  • Campus Availability
  • Runs from September to June
  • Monthly Tuition Fee due date
  • Reservation Fee due date
  • Non refundable Reservation fee*
OSC Program
  • $575
    Monthly Tuition Fee
  • Campus Availability
  • Monthly Tuition Fee due date
    1st day of each month
  • Registration Fee due date
    July 1st, 2023
  • Non refundable Registration fee

     * includes administration fee and annual supplies

Remark: Reservation Fee and Application Fee are non-Refundable

  • Tuition and non-refundable Reservation Fee payment options and details will be sent to parents through our acceptance confirmation emails
  • If your child enrolls for the whole school year from September to June for 10 consecutive months, the last month of the academic year’s tuition will be exempt.

School Fee Policy:

There is no school fee discount for more than one child enrolled in the school or from scheduled center closures, family vacation, public health mandated quarantine, temporary absence or irregular attendance. Fees are the same for the months in which holidays occur.


Government Subsidy:

Funding for child care service is the responsibility of the Province of Alberta Family and Social Services. Subsidies may be awarded after an assessment of income and family situation. Children must attend a minimum approved hours per month for parents to receive full approved subsidy. If your child uses less than approved hours per month, your subsidy may be reduced proportionately. Parents are responsible for paying the portion reduced. If you want to know more in details, please go to the website:


Withdrawal Procedure:

If a student is to be withdrawn before the end of the school year, a minimum of one complete month written notice must be given prior to withdrawal from our school (i.e. Jan 31 notice given for termination on March 1).  Withdrawal before the end of the school year will result in losing the full year tuition reward program.