Admission Process

Admission Policy

It is our ultimate goals to provide high quality care in a safe environment filled with creative learning experiences and recreational activities. The classroom environment is a place where the child can do things for himself/herself. It brings out his/her full potential, and is constructed to satisfy his/her physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual needs.

A child must be at least 3 years old; toilet trained, be able to follow instructions, good attention span and goes through the Parent & Child Interview upon admission to the Montessori Program.

Each new child that is accepted to our Montessori Program will have an orientation session before the regular class starts.

We strongly promote staying with the Montessori program for the duration of a three year cycle. Because of this, priority of admission will go to our returning students first. After re-enrolments are received admissions are accepted as follows:

  1. Younger siblings of returning students
  2. Children of staff members
  3. New admission received after re-enrolments of returning students are processed according to the Date Application received

Admission Procedures

  1. Request information before filling in Application Form – either by phone or email
  2. Fill in Online Application Form along with non refundable Application Fee
  3. Book a date for your Child & Parent Interview
  4. Reply our confirmation acceptance email before the deadline date
  5. Attend our Parent Orientation Session
  6. Submit the non refundable Reservation Fee by July 1st of the school year


Method of Payment

Payment Options:

  1. Set up monthly automatic direct deposit to Morning Star Account
  2. By credit card (with additional 3.1% credit card service charge)



  • Non refundable Reservation Fee by July 1st
  • Monthly School Fee by the first date of each month