MSMC provides a thoughtfully and specially prepared environment, designed to promote academic, physical and psychological development. We know that children learn best by using all their senses, so the well-designed Montessori materials support children’s need to feel, see, hear, smell and taste. In our mixed-age classrooms, children are free to work at their own pace, collaborating in small groups lead by our Montessori teachers. Close attention is paid to each child’s needs and interests. Each child develops according to his or her own natural rhythm. Children are able to learn and acquire an ‘inner discipline’ free of the need for external reinforcements.

At every level, our program is rich with:

  • a deeply interconnected curriculum that always focuses on integrated patterns of knowledge;
  • multi-sensory, self-directed learning;
  • an emphasis on both collaboration and independent thinking;
  • second language (Mandarin) & music learning; and
  • conflict resolution skill building.
  • We offer full day, half-day morning and afternoon Montessori programs, five days a week for 3 to 6 year olds.