Dress Code

All Montessori students are required to dress in clean, well maintained and properly fitting school uniform to school every day: plain white top and plain navy blue bottoms. Girls may wear pants, or skirts with golf shirts, polo shirts or blouses on top. Boys may wear pants with golf shirts, polo shirts or dress shirts. All shirts must have collars with long or short sleeves. When it is chilly, a white/navy vest or sweater can be worn on top. For girls – hosiery (socks, tights) must be plain navy blue or white.

For your child’s safety and comfort while walking around the school/Gym, we recommend comfortable, closed-toed footwear (no crocs or sandals). Your child’s shoes need to be non-marking runners and they cannot have any lights on them.

A dress code enhances unity, equality, spirit and pride of students. It also minimizes distractions and ensures the right tone for the classroom. The attention and emphasis remains on the children in the classroom; who they are, what they are doing/learning.

There is no school logos required so you should be able to find appropriate clothing where you would normally shop. Some companies that specialize in appropriate lines are the GapChildren’s PlaceOld Navy, and the Bay.

Fashion accessories are not permitted at school. Simple hair ornamentation such as barrettes, elastics, and plain headbands are allowed. Cosmetic products should not be visible. Religious or medical necklaces and bracelets are acceptable.