Accredited Out-Of-School-Care (OCS) Program

Accredited Out-Of-School-Care (OCS) Program

Our OSC program is being accredited by the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Service since March 2010 and is being recognized to provide high quality service that meets the government accreditation requirements.

We offer OSC service for Meyonohk School elementary grade students in a friendly environment that follows Montessori philosophy. Children are involved in the following activities: Cultural projects & presentation, Gym/outdoor play, crafts, leadership & community group projects, homework & reading time, computer/movie time, group games and free play.


OCS Schedule

Program Schedule
  • Monday to Wednesday & Friday
    7:30 am to 8:34 am & 3:26 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Thursday
    7:30 am to 8:34 am & 2:22 pm to 5:30 pm

Mission Statement & Goals

It is our ultimate goals to provide high quality care in a safe environment filled with creative learning experiences and recreational activities. The classroom environment is a place where the child can do things for himself/herself. It brings out his/her potential, and is constructed to satisfy his/her physical, mental and spiritual needs. We recognize the importance of leaving room for children to have time outside school hours to have fun, to explore, to wonder, to socialize, to relax, to be quiet and to be alone.  Balance is valued. We recognize the importance of a healthy mix of physical and sedentary activity, and individual pursuits balanced with activities involving others.

Transportation Policy

In the morning, our OSC children will be released from our classroom at first bell. Only OSC kindergarten children will be walked to their classroom in the morning. After school, all OSC kindergarten students will be picked up by our staff from their classroom and Grade 1 to 6 students will proceed from class to Morning Star by themselves after the bell. Our staff will greet the children and mark attendance upon their entry.

Cold Weather & Outdoor Policy

1. Physical activities are important for children and all OSC children will be involved in the outdoor activities if the weather is above -20c (Wind- chill equivalent).

2. Parents are asked to ensure that their children are dressed warmly and appropriately for the various winter conditions: waterproof mittens, snow pants, snow boots, snow jacket and proper headgear.

3. When outdoor activities have been scheduled, no children will be kept indoors and parents might as well learn to embrace winter and winter outdoor activities since we live in Canada. It is our center’s policy not to keep children inside during scheduled outdoor activities for reasons of cold weather, sickness or homework concerns. If your children are ill, please keep them at home until they are well enough to go outside. Thank you for your understanding in this area!

Unexpected Absences

At the end of the school day, if a child does not arrive at the program within 5 to 7 minutes of the school bell, and there has been no call from a parent/guardian indicating alternate arrangements, our staff will check with the school office to confirm the child’s attendance.

If the child was in attendance, the school staff will be asked to use the intercom to ask the child to go to their out-of-school care program.

If the child does not show up, the staff will immediately contact the parents and the Director. The Program Director will call the police to report a missing child and then report to the Children and Youth Services.

Please call 780-463-0945 to notify our teachers if your child is not coming to our OSC program for any school days.